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February 13, 2008

My new car

Today I picked up my new car (or, as Hunter insists: "Hunters new car")
It's a Subaru Impreza RX, Manual, MY08 (this years model)
Dark Grey, with Black interior.

My new Impreza

The brake lights are LED's, apparently this saves 1% fuel compared to last years model (total saving over last year is around 9%)

My new Impreza, from the rear

Here's the ODO showing just 10km on the clock :-)

Odometer: 10km

In the carpark at work

And I scratched the interior duco within about 5 minutes of getting the car :-)

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February 01, 2008

Blame it on Dora

Tonight Hunter was having a book (The very hungry caterpillar) read to him by Mum. They get to the final page and Hunter says:

"Look at the colors... Rojo, Azul, Verde"

Thats Spanish for Red, Blue and Green. It's all Dora the Explorer's fault. He knows that Red is Red, but it's also Rojo. Good thing Mum and Dad watch Dora with him, otherwise we'd be busy "correcting" him! (I thought Azul was the bad demon from Ghostbusters!)

He did a similar thing when climbing the ladder at the park on the weekend, saying "abajo" as he went up the steps. Almost got it, "abajo" is "down".

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