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November 25, 2004

Sports of all sorts

Over the last few weeks Erica and I have been learning Archery with Keren & Warren over at Waverley City Archers.
It's been great fun, the sport is very easy to pick up but obviously quite difficult to master - and we've had just 3 days of training so we're pretty ordinary right now.
I can't wait to start shooting over the longer distances, and trying out things like Clout and Field

The other sport I've started is Lawn Bowls, I wanted to see if my Ten Pin Bowling experience could be translated over to Lawn Bowls. So far (4 hours of practice) it appears that I've got a great head-start because of tenpin, many of the details can be translated across to Lawn Bowls to get me up and running much faster.

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November 05, 2004

14th July 2005 ?


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November 01, 2004

This weekend marked Halloween, and we held a Halloween Party :-)
Lots of great costumes, and an amazing graveyard in the front garden - a great time was had by all! Some photos are in my gallery here (more will be added in the next day or so, so check back)

Here's a sample of Myles as a Zombie (best costume award) in the Graveyard Garden.

Sunday morning, after going to bed at 2am, we got up really early and rushed out to the local archery range with Warren & Keren to learn how to fire a recurve bow. Amazing fun, the coaching was great (we're all novices) - we all managed to start getting some good grouping going on (albeit at 10m). Over the next four weeks we'll be learning different competition styles while continuing to learn how to shoot more accurately.

Finally, to finish out the day Dig Set Damn had our beach volleyball finals. We won the qualifying final to make it to the Grand Final, but Rate It were too strong on the day and won the match by several points. We still had a chance to win with 4 minutes on the clock but were unable to close the game, and Rate It took revenge for our win over them in last seasons Grand Final :-)

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