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July 27, 2004

Ericas new car

Erica picked up her new car last week.

It's a brand new 5-speed manual 'Pacific Blue' Mazda6 Hatch, with spoiler. We've never owned a brand new car before, it's quite a strange experience.
First up we had to get rid of the new-car smell since it makes me car-sick, so we popped in to the nearest incense store and stocked up on giant Sandlewood incense sticks. Leaving the car locked in the garage with all the doors open for a few hours really made a big difference.

It's got lots of bells and whistles (not literally), 6-stack CD player, cruise control, trip-meter, stereo-controls on the wheel.

The car has no tape-deck, which means that I can't use my MP3 CD-player in the car (one more reason to buy an iPod with an iTrip I guess :-)

A week later, the car has done a massive total of just over 200km!

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July 02, 2004

IMDB entry

IMDB entry
I'm now one step closer to getting my Kevin Bacon number :-)

I now have an IMDB entry, hopefully I can get it updated with some more info now that it's listed.

IMDB is the Internet Movie Database, a massive archive of everything about every movie ever made (almost), and it now covers Videogames as well.

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